Why choose us

Why choose us


Cloud StorageSpace and safety

Our 430 m3 server room is located in a maximum-security armoured building with an appraised capacity of over 10,000 hosting servers in Italy, offering a low-cost but completely reliable hosting service.


Telephone and email support are provided directly by our team (no intermediaries).

Our team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in order to guarantee maximum functionality of our infrastructure and offer a safe and stable hosting service. The skills we have developed over the last 10 years allow us to offer tailor-made and timely support to satisfy our client’s needs.

Direct service

No intermediaries: our servers and the Data Center itself are entirely managed by our team of specialized technicians and IT engineers.

The RACK ONE Data Center is a privately-owned structure located in Venice, Italy and can be easily reached from Rome and Milan via the A4 motorway.

Technology and innovation

The new Data Center was created selecting the best technologies which would allow us to offer a low-cost but reliable hosting service. We have been able to create an Italian host which can guarantee the safety of our client’s data.

Dorsale Fibra OtticaSome features of the Data Center:

  • Data Center connectivity: Direct optical fibre located on the backbone of the A4 motorway, 2 hops from MIX in Milan with 7ms latency
  • Sizes: 430 cubic metres
  • Capacity: over 10,000 servers
  • UPS: UPS redundant system
  • Electrical generators: “online” diesel
  • Type of building: maximum-security armoured building
  • Building: privately-owned building
  • High density: yes
  • External batteries areas: yes
  • Datacenter uptime: 99.98% from its activation in January 2013