Rackone ha saputo trovare una soluzione innovativa , studiata sulle nostre esigenze, realizzando un’infrastruttura dedicata che ci ha permesso di superare i limiti del precedente fornitore

— Mauro ( Venezia, Italy )

RackOne Datacenter


Virtual Private Server


from€ 7,99
per month

Dedicated Server

Dedicated server

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per month

Housing Colocation

Housing Colocation

from€ 49
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Cloud Hosting: simple, smart and effective

We offer our customers smart and innovative solutions of hosting, cloud server and rental server to meet the necessary objectives and improve online performance.

Our client also benefit from receiving the most economic and cost-effective service of vps (virtual private server) ssd and ssd hosting.

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Data Center in Italy

Our privately-owned Data Center has a direct connection to main optical fiber network channel located on the backbone of the A4 motorway, 2 hops from the MIX in Milan with 7ms latency, which provides high performance connectivity for our service of cloud server and vps ssd.

Space and safety

430 m3 hosting server farm has an estimated capacity of over 10,000 servers situated in a maximum-security armored building.

Server Hosting

RackOne offers a wide range of services and our staff’s know-how enables to offer customized flexible solutions both through vps ssd and dedicated cloud server ssd hosting:

  •    Linux Servers both VPS and dedicated
  •    Windows Servers both VPS and dedicated
  •    Renting dedicated servers with Linux and Windows operating systems

Cloud Server

Cloud server hosting to rent is the key component of our product portfolio. Through constant improvement of our cloud servers we achieve new levels of excellence and performance. Our perfectionistic approach helps to improve both your enterprise performance and business indicators, while at the same time reducing its costs.


All-round telephone and email support are provided directly by our team (no-outsourcing policy). In-house local support of our consolidated team is available 24/7/365 to maintain stability, continuity and security of the infrastructure thus maximize cloud server hosting efficiency.

Direct service

Our no-outsourcing policy ensures full control over cloud hosting servers and the whole data center functioning. Direct management allows us to optimize time and increase the efficiency of our services.

Advanced hosting

Our staff also offers advanced hosting services such as server renting systems featuring completely personalized cloud server hosting according to our client’s needs.

For some clients, we arranged multiple cloud server rental with a cluster web system and MariaDB database in active cluster featuring enhanced solutions like SSD storage systems.