VPS Windows

Choose your windows virtual server: if you choose the managed service we will take care of everything!

VPS Windows

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Windows VPS Unmanaged plans

The VPS Unmanaged service does not include system support. The server is delivered with only the operating system preinstalled.

2 vCore
4 GB
100 GB

€ 24.99 /month

4 vCore
8 GB
200 GB

€ 48.99 /month

6 vCore
16 GB
400 GB

€ 75.99 /month

8 vCore
32 GB
800 GB

€ 124.99 /month

Why choose a RackONE VPS

The fast and cheap virtual private server

Dedicated service and support

Phone and email support provided  by our IT team. Our specialists are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in order to ensure maximum infrastructure operativity and efficiency.

Control Panel

Through your private area you can manage your virtual server: you will have the possibility to control the functions of Start, Stop, Reboot, Console noVNC etc..

You can also monitor the main data of your VPS service.

Managed Option

With the managed option one of our IT will manage the server for you, configuring the Linux or Windows operating system according to your requirements, installing the software you want and responding to your requests.
Select this service to feel free to focus on your business: we will manage your VPS.

Unlimited traffic

All of our VPS services include unlimited traffic: this means you can host large traffic applications or services, and you won’t have any extra costs.

Web Panel

You can purchase a cPanel or Plesk license included in your VPS service.
Through this option you will be able to manage WebHosting and email services for your customers easily and efficiently.

Backup and Security Option

Options are available to protect your Virtual Private Server: through Acronis Cyber Protection services you’ll be able to manage backup, anti Malware, Web Protection and much more.

VPS Windows

Our VPS with Windows operating system preinstalled are activated in our datacenter in Italy. This condition ensures a faster and immediate connection to the server for European and Italian users. All Virtual Private Servers will be reachable via Remote Desktop.

RackONE offers a wide range of flexible solutions regarding virtual servers or VPS, from the cheapest to the complex and full option ones. The service is scalable and adapts quickly to your requirements.

You can add CAL and Office licenses directly into the service.

With the Managed option we manage your Virtual Server, operating system setup, software configuration, performance optimization, all included.

Our VPS include unlimited traffic: you won’t have any extra costs.

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