LAMP Cluster Cloud

LAMP Cluster Cloud


Server lamp cluster - php - mysql - mariadb - apache - varnish

RackOne LAMP Cluster Cloud is a completed, scalable and intuitive solution for web applications based on Stack LAMP with highest level of performance and reliability.

The offered solution is able to scale the level of performance for concrete solutions within the web cluster and database of high reliability without any need of software modification. Considering also the fact that the server is the same, redundancy and reliability characteristics are perfectly clear on application level the solution is really flexible and intuitive. For example while an application will keep connecting to MySql database in localhost, the database is actually based on active/active cluster.

Compared with other Cloud solutions RackOne LAMP Cluster Cloud is based on 2 or more dedicated physical hardware nodes, with a modular virtual server infrastructure (modular VSI) and database in active/active cluster on SSD storage.

Other than PHP, MariaDB (MySQL), and Apache the solution is applicable to OpenSSL, phpMyAdmin, ModSecurity, Varnish, ImageMagick, Memcache, APC, GD, cURL e more.

Advantages :

  • Scalability : storage and capacity of calculation are scalable at later dates
  • Performance : multiple web nodes and active/active database nodes on local SSD storage
  • High reliability : complete web server and database server redundancy

Characteristics :

  • Solution based on Open Source technology
  • Transparent in-memory session
  • Cookieless Load Balancer
  • SSL
  • Scale-Out, Hight Availability Storage
  • MariaDB database
  • Multi-master Database Galera Cluster
  • Hot database backup software
  • Varnish HTTP accelerator
  • Memcache

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